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Frequently asked questions

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On what OS does Buzzamp run?
Buzzamp should run on Windows 98 / ME / NT / XP / Vista.

I don't have Windows Media Player, is this a problem?
Yes, WMP is needed to play. Our tests have shown that you would benefit from having Windows Media Player 8 series or up to have a more stable game.

I downloaded the program but can't open it, what now?
Buzzamp is packed in a winrar file. First, you'll have to unzip the setup into a different folder using Winrar ( http://www.winrar.com ) and then use the installer.

How come I can only play with two players in Buzzamp SP?
Buzzamp SP can be played with up to five players: Two using the keyboard and three using seperate joysticks. The program is designed so you can not play with more than two unless one or more joysticks are inserted.

Where are the songs in Buzzamp?
Our program is unique in the way that it doesn't come with songs prepacked. The idea behind Buzzamp is that you can make your own quiz using the songs on your computer. That way you can choose the select songs you want to use in the quiz. It also means you can enhance your library each time you get a new song.

How do I load these songs in the game?
Using Winamp ( http://www.winamp.com ) or Windows Media Player, you can save a list of all the songs you wish to use into an .m3u file. This format is used by Buzzamp to upload your songs into the program using our wizard.

When I play, none of the answers and music I hear correspond with eachother.
When you make your m3u file in Winamp or WMP, do not use the randomizer attached to those programs. Tests have shown that these randomizers don't work well together with the randomizer installed in Buzzamp. Also, if you make a new m3u list with songs to play with, never save your new list over another one.Always use a unique name.

I always get an error that a file or one of its dependencies are not installed or not found.
If you don't have Vista, please post this in our forum, this would be the first time this happens. Try to re-install the program first.
If you do have Windows Vista:
This happens when UAC (user account control) is still activated.
Two solutions:
1. Click here for some information!
2. Right-click on the BzmpOnline installation file and choose "run as administrator".