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Welcome to probably the biggest music and trivia quiz in the world!
Quick Guide:  
HOT The Buzz™ controller for Playstation© now works with Buzzamp SPv2 (choose input mode "Buzz" in the wizard) Released in January 2009
What is BzmpSP? Buzzamp Multiplayer Single PC: Play on one computer against others. Only music quiz supported. Two players with keyboard and up to three joysticks supported.
New in SPv2 is support for Buzz!™ controllers(Playstation©).
What is BzmpOnline? Buzzamp Multiplayer Online: Play in LAN or over the internet against others. An advanced program that enables you to create an internet music or trivia quiz.
What is the Ranking List? This is a ranking ladder in trivia for all the registered users in BzmpOnline. It shows how many records (fastest answering time) players have in the trivia game.
Forum? Here, users can inform us about problems with the program or give an idea of a new feature for Bzmp.
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